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Video: What is occupational therapy?

Gary and Mary West PACE is a Program of All Inclusive Care that provides comprehensive medical and social services to seniors age 55 and older living independently at home. We provide many services, including primary care medical appointments, social engagement activities, transportation and more. We recognize it is important for participants to retain the skills needed to engage in everyday activities and live meaningful lives.

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Need a San Diego PACE Social Worker?

Depending on your circumstances, providing full-time care to your aging parents and seniors can be physically, mentally and emotionally challenging — something not everyone can manage, especially in this day and age. Many seniors in San Diego live by themselves, with their closest family members located too far away to offer intensive care. To mitigate

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What Is PACE and How Will It Help Me?

PACE is a Medicare program for elderly individuals as well as people aged over 55 who are living with disabilities. This program provides community and home-based care and services to those who may otherwise need a level of care that can only be given in a nursing home. What does PACE stand for in healthcare? Programs

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