In-Home Medication Management for Seniors

Relieve stress by ensuring fewer
missed doses

Understanding what meds to take when can be overwhelming. With West PACE’s in-home service, medication management for the elderly couldn’t be easier. We’ll review all of your prescriptions with you to give you complete peace of mind.

Graphic of medicine and prescription depicting in-home medication management for seniors

Let us help you ease the strain on your daily routine

With our West PACE insurance plan, you’re able to receive medications at home as and when you need them.
Delivered in easy-to-follow packaging and without a copay, you’re free to manage your health with ease.

We can match your needs with:

Reminders from a home health aide

Automatic medication dispensers

Nursing staff to administer medication

Hand putting tablets in automatic medication dispenser

Let’s talk in-home medication management

At West PACE, we make in-home medication management for San Diego seniors both easy and accessible. Call us or visit our center to find out more. We’re happy to talk through your options with you.

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