Senior Physical Therapy, Health and Wellness

Maintain independence and ensure your overall well-being with the help of our senior physical therapy professionals

At West PACE, we focus on restoring functionality. Our team of therapists work closely with participants to achieve their personal goals and become more physically active.

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“I like that they focus on your whole body. If you’re eating well, if you have physical problems, they’re taking the whole being into consideration.”

– West PACE participant

I-SAT participant survey 3/2021

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Seniors Therapy and Rehabilitative Services

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Physical Therapy

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Physical therapy spans exercise, fitness, and strength training. Our physical therapists can elevate your strength, motion, flexibility, coordination, and endurance.
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Occupational Therapy

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Occupational therapy can help maximize independence in self care and daily living tasks, promote participation in the home and community, and preserve quality of life. 

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Speech Therapy

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Speech therapy can support recovery after an illness or stroke. Swallowing therapy can maintain easy breathing and mindful eating for a much better quality of life.

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Older People

Physical therapy is particularly beneficial post-surgery, as it enables older patients to engage in activities that aid in rehabilitation as well as prevent muscles from atrophying from prolonged bed rest.

Along with mobility and balance, physical therapy exercises can also help older adults improve their strength, flexibility, balance, and even their range of motion. This reduces the risk of falling, while simultaneously increasing their ability to move independently.

Chronic conditions, such as arthritis and osteoporosis, can be successfully managed with physical therapy, alleviating discomfort and offering relief to painful joints.

Physical therapy can greatly improve cardiovascular and respiratory function. For older people suffering from heart disease and COPD this can be especially beneficial.

When it comes to maintaining or regaining independence, physical therapy can be a welcome lifeline for the elderly, allowing them to live more active, fulfilling lives.

Interestingly, physical therapy can also have a positive effect on mental health and wellbeing. It’s been shown to not just reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety in senior citizens, but also improve overall quality of life.

Physical therapy is an important part of recovery for seniors, as it can help them achieve their recovery goals and return to their previous level of functioning. A Physical therapist can also help seniors set realistic goals, monitor their progress, and ultimately assist them in aging well.

Get your strength up and get moving at our senior gym.

Group Fitness Programs

Outside of our PACE therapies, you also have access to our group fitness programs:

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Yoga can help prevent the onset of osteoporosis, improve sleeping habits, alleviate aches and pains, lessen the risk of depression, and lower stress levels.

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Stretching can improve posture, allow for greater joint mobility, release muscle tension and soreness, reduce the risk of injury, and increase circulation.

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Chair Tai Chi

Seated or standing, Tai Chi can build physical strength, enhance hand-eye coordination, reduce depression and anxiety and improve cognitive function and memory.

Reach out for more information.

Let us know how we can support you. Stop by our center and chat to one of our skilled physical therapists about your goals. Located in San Marcos in the North County region of San Diego County, we’re easily accessible off the Ronald Packard Parkway.

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