Meals for
Older Adults

Stirring flavor into seniors’
unique dietary needs

Our registered dieticians can help guide you to follow a meal plan that best meets your goals and needs.

“They take care of everything I need.”

– West PACE participant

I-SAT participant survey 3/2021

Eat healthy with support

Our dietary team serves a nutritious, tasty meal to each member attending our day center. Based on your needs, healthy meals may be delivered to you throughout the week.

“The food is good, and they’re timely, and I absolutely have no

– West PACE participant

I-SAT participant survey 3/2021

Think less, eat better

We provide nutrition education including:

Blood sugar control

A heart healthy diet

Weight management

Hydration support

Food shopping strategies

And more!

Indulge in peace of mind

Our PACE program covers the cost, so
participants require no further financial assistance.

Hungry for more information?
Reach out to hear more about how we can support you.
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