PACE Qualification and Eligibility

Check your eligibility for
our PACE program

We are a nonprofit insurance plan for adults over 55 and seniors who otherwise need a nursing facility level of care.

In addition to services covered by Medicare and Medicaid, we offer personalized care for community-based, comprehensive in-home support.

What is a nursing facility
level of care?

PACE participants must meet California state requirements for nursing facility level of care (NFLOC), a designation that determines eligibility for Medicaid-funded support.

NHLOC defines eligible seniors as those who require sustained support for conditions that hinder their ability to live safely on their own.

We offer a full range of services to support your independent life at home.

Is PACE right for you?

We may be the right place for you if you could benefit from the following:

In-home and outpatient therapy services

An adult day care and health center

Scheduled transportation services

Assistance with meals and nutrition

Comprehensive, coordinated primary medical care

Do you qualify for PACE?

Let’s look through your options together. Reach out to get started.

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