Medical and Senior Transportation Service

Getting you where you need to go

We provide our San Diego County participants with door-to-door senior care transport at no added cost.

Graphic of older woman in wheelchair next to PACE senior transportation vehicle

“They take you to your location and
bring you back. When you go there, they tend to you”

– West PACE participant

I-SAT participant survey 3/2021

West PACE team member helping a man in a wheelchair into a support vehicle

PACE Senior transportation services

Coordinated rides scheduled by the PACE care team allow San Diego County’s elderly autonomy, while providing families peace of mind knowing their loved ones are in good hands.

“I had a stroke, I can’t drive, so my biggest issue in life is trying to get to places, so the fact that they take me to the Center and doctor appointments is very helpful.”

– West PACE participant

I-SAT participant survey 3/2021

Safe adult medical transport

Our highly trained team members provide on time medical transport services in vans that are fully equipped with the necessary accommodations to support every participant.

View of West PACE support vehicle from the side
Close-up of West PACE logo on front of building

More than medical support

Our comprehensive care supports your overall quality of life. With PACE transportation services, you can frequent our center and adult daycare facility and make all of your off-site appointments on time.

Contact us with questions

Reach out to discuss your options and eligibility.

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