PACE Senior
Care Services

Partner with the experts you
need to live safely at home

Our talented and compassionate team works closely with you to develop a personalized care plan—at little to no cost, depending on your eligibility.

“They set up your appointments, you do not have to do them yourself.
Transportation, they worry about all that. It’s really great.”

– West PACE participant

I-SAT participant survey 3/2021

A nonprofit insurance plan to meet your needs

We understand the challenges aging can pose, so we aim to provide the all-inclusive services and care you need to live independently at home.

In-Home Care

PACE at home is designed to support your ability to remain in your home by providing necessary medical and personal care where you are. Our trained Personal Care Attendants are ready to help you when your families cannot.

Day Center

Our adult day center serves as a hub to eat a hot meal, see your primary care provider, enjoy interesting activities with friends, or schedule a work-out with one of our therapists in a vibrant, supportive community.


Medication Management

We ensure you are on the right medications and provide assistance with taking them properly. We remove the stress of going to the pharmacy by delivering your prescriptions to your door.

Meal Preparation & Nutrition

Our registered dieticians cater to you and tailor your meal plan to your dietary needs. This may involve substituting ingredients to avoid food allergies or medical conditions like diabetes, while assuring meals taste great.


We provide scheduled transportation that helps you get to important appointments to help you stay healthy. We can also deliver medical supplies to your door and bring activities to your home for socially distant fun.


Our physical, occupational and speech therapists work tirelessly to support your overall well-being as well as help you recuperate after an illness or injury. We want you to maintain the best quality of life possible.

“They’re efficient. You ask for something, and they provide it. They arrange my doctor visits and therapies, and I appreciate it very much. Also, the assistance I get at home.”

– West PACE participant

Additional support for you

At no added cost, our PACE services include:

Emergency services

Specialty care, including dentistry

Laboratory / X-ray


Nursing home care

Ready to get started

We look forward to welcoming you into the West PACE family.

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