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Need a San Diego PACE Social Worker?

Depending on your circumstances, providing full-time care to your aging parents and seniors can be physically, mentally and emotionally challenging — something not everyone can manage, especially in this day and age.
Many seniors in San Diego live by themselves, with their closest family members located too far away to offer intensive care. To mitigate this issue and to provide relief to both the seniors and their family, our aging care options at Gary and Mary West PACE include a well integrated social worker system.

The PACE Social Worker System Explained

Just like most other services available at the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, the social worker system provides a varied level of assistance based on the seniors’ individual requirements.
We understand that when caring for the elderly, it is important to include them in the process as much as possible. No one wants to lose control of their life, especially seniors who are already concerned about their independence. Restoring that sense of control and creating a livable, supportive community for seniors is at the core of our duties at PACE.
PACE social workers are trained professionals who are highly skilled at providing a nursing level of care, but more importantly, their intentions stem from a place of eagerness to help the elderly.
They provide support not only to the participant, but to their families and caregivers as well. A PACE social worker is part of the IDT and can serve as a single point of contact to address any needs or concerns that arise once enrollment into the health plan is complete.

Types of Assistance Offered

The health, safety and well-being of our participants is the top priority of social workers at Gary and Mary West PACE. They help address socio economic challenges, access to resources, psychological difficulties, and even tasks such as filling out paperwork or taking care of bills.
They also help to coordinate the participants’ healthcare plan and to manage the communication between the care team and their family. Aging seniors need assistance in a few key areas like:

  • Family support and communication,
  • Home safety,
  • Medication management,
  • Cognitive health,
  • Mobility,
  • Personal hygiene,
  • Meal preparation, and
  • Social interactions.

Our team of GMWP Social Workers also assume the following responsibilities:

  • Working to connect participants and those caring for them (as well as other family members) with vital community resources.
  • Assisting with MediCal and Medicare benefits and support.
  • Providing an empathetic ear for counseling, as well as coordinate psychological counseling and support services.
  • Providing guidance, education, and communication between participants and the individuals helping them stay healthy and independent in their home.

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