The Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly is designed exclusively for seniors who are over the age of 55 and qualify for nursing-home level of care but prefer being as independent as possible. At Gary and Mary West PACE, your freedom and convenience is at the forefront of our priorities. As a participant, you will have a passionate team of doctors, nurses, social workers, home/personal care workers, therapists, and others who are focused on helping you receive the resources you need to live a healthy life. Participants of the program can enjoy a full range of compassionate care, transportation, medication management, community engagement and personal support that enables independent living. All of this comes at little to no cost — depending on your eligibility.

Get the Extra Help and Care You Need

Our team works with you to develop a care plan, personalized to your unique needs and preferences, based on what makes sense for you. As your needs change, the plan will change with you. As an added benefit, all prescription medications are also included. Our all-inclusive services may consist of, but aren’t limited to the following:

Medication Management

We recognize the challenge involved in keeping track of medicines needed for different physiological conditions, administering them on time, and the consequences of improper medication management. The CDC reports that 50% of prescribed medicines are taken incorrectly in regards to timing, dosage and frequency. To counter these challenges, our members are provided with prescriptions and over-the-counter medication by a dedicated primary caregiver.

Meals Preparation and Nutrition

Our registered dieticians are always prepared to cater to our participants’ unique dietary needs — each meal is tailored to specific requirements that may involve altering the ingredients to suit food allergies or medical conditions like diabetes. The dieticians, nutritionists, and kitchen staff at PACE work together to deliver exactly what our participants need.

In-Home Care

The PACE at home facility is designed to provide all the necessary medical and personal care to our participants in the comfort of their own homes, without needing to visit/be admitted to a nursing home. This allows participants to live independently, close to their loved ones and/or community members.

Physical Therapy

The team at Gary and Mary West senior center consists of physical therapists that work in conjunction with the participants to conduct therapeutic exercises, fitness, strength training, and other forms of activities that are necessary in ensuring their overall well-being.


The range of services at Gary and Mary West also includes free transportation — a demand-response transit service that helps seniors get around town and do the things needed for them to stay in good health.

Day Centers

Seniors who are on the verge of needing full-time nursing home level of care can benefit from our adult daycare. At the Gary and Mary West daycare, our participants can be part of a vibrant, supportive community, and live a wholesome life with dignity.

Social Work

Providing full time care to the elderly is something that can’t always be managed and fulfilled by family members. To provide relief to our participants, we have a social worker system in place. PACE social workers are trained professionals who are highly skilled at providing a nursing level of care. Our services also include the following:
  • Doctor and nursing care
  • Medical specialty
  • Prescription drugs
  • Nursing home care
  • Emergency services
  • Occupational therapy
  • Adult daycare
  • Recreational therapy
  • Dentistry
  • Social services
  • Laboratory / X-ray
  • Social work counseling

PACE Senior Services: Approved By United States CMS

We have been approved by the United States Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the state of California to provide these to you.