Dr. Ross Colt, our medical director at West PACE, recently connected with Rick Rungaitis, the host of the San Marcos Business & Community Podcast produced by the San Marcos Chamber, to share what a PACE program is and how we help seniors and family caregivers in North County San Diego. Dr. Colt also discusses how our center has been able to help the most vulnerable older adults in our community before and during the pandemic. He also provides his view on the post-pandemic future.

Listen to Dr. Colt’s interview here:

About Dr. Ross Colt:
Dr. Colt is the Medical Director at Gary and Mary West PACE. He is a decorated war veteran, who served two combat tours in Iraq and retired after 24 years as an Army Colonel. He is a family physician with more than two decades of full spectrum clinical practice experience, including a deep background in academic medicine and leadership in managed care environments at the regional and national level.

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