No segment of the population has been hit harder by COVID-19 than seniors, both in our communities and in senior care facilities. To set the record straight on all the information and misinformation available on COVID-19, The Geneva Foundation sat down with Dr. Ross Colt, our medical director here at West PACE, to get his expert perspective. As Geneva Foundation Board Member, Dr. Colt ensures that Geneva achieves its mission to support the advancement of military medicine and equally creates a vision to attain greater potential in the years to come.

In the interview Dr. Colt shares his insight to address the following:

  • Is it safe to have my loved ones in a nursing home in light of widespread COVID-19 outbreaks?
  • How can I protect my loved ones from COVID-19 who are receiving nursing care?
  • How important is it for elderly populations to receive a booster or third dose? What is the difference between a booster and a third dose?
  • Do the benefits of a booster or third dose outweigh the risk, particularly in these more fragile populations?

Read the full interview here: Ask a Senior Health Care Expert: COVID-19 and Senior Care Questions Answered

Dr. Colt is the Medical Director at Gary and Mary West PACE. He is a decorated war veteran, who served two combat tours in Iraq and retired after 24 years as an Army Colonel. He is a family physician with more than two decades of full spectrum clinical practice experience, including a deep background in academic medicine and leadership in managed care environments at the regional and national level.

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